Manage your investments
without Spreadsheets!

Keeping things highly customisable
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Ask Yourself

Honestly, is this the way
to manage your investments?


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  • Time consuming
  • Human errors
  • Hard to automate

Brokerage apps

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  • Poor functionality
  • Not customizable
  • Impossible to set and track financial goals progress

Other tracking apps

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  • Hard to manage several portfolios
  • Don't support some of my assets
  • Too focused on dividends
It's time for
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Feel the power of advanced data visualization

REPLACES: Sheets, Brokerage apps, The Dividend Tracker


Manage multiple portfolios

Track all portfolios, like it's a single one. Or separately, combining them with each other
REPLACES: Sheets, Portsedio, Simply Safe Dividends, The Dividend Tracker

Advanced customization

Customize the platform by your own

Hide / show / move parts of the user interface, choose the way of big data representation from multiple options
REPLACES: All existing solutions. Advanced customization of user interface - our core feature!

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Asset management have never been that easy

Informative data

Track dividends and portfolio value progress


Form a full history of your financial dissensions

Projected passive income

Estimate, which passive income you can get in the future


Group your assets as you wish


Compare performance of your portfolios, categories and assets


Setup automatic dividend reinvestment and investment account top-ups


Create images of your financial future and track your progress

Early retirement

Plan your early retirement with our advanced calculator


Track assets from over 70 stock exchanges from all over the world

30+years of historical data
150K+tickers to search for

Frequently Asked Questions

ANSWER: Besides stocks from over 80+ stock exchanges you're able to manage: rent cashflow, bank deposits, and custom assets (for ex. - real estate, watch, exclusive vine, car or art collections)
ANSWER: You can start to track your investments for 14-days free trial, no credit card required.
ANSWER: We have an advanced feature, related to setting complex financial goals. Also, the platform has a visualizations that help to measure expected return ranges by setting up you numbers. And we have a Compoundfolio Community feature, which will help you find interesting people, who chase same dreads as you do!
ANSWER: Yes, we provide this kind of service for a fee that depends on the complexity of your reports. Please, feel free to contact us directly -
ANSWER: Currently we support over 25 world-wide brokerages. Currently, you can upload your report with your brokerage transactions (you'll find a guide on how to download the report for your brokerage). You also will be able to manage all transactions manually. We plan to add automatic integration with over 1000+ of brokerages soon
ANSWER: We don't store any of your brokerage credentials. As well, we NEVER sell your data (our service is funded by your subscription fees). It's also always possible to delete your asset-related transactions data permanently. The data in Compoundfolio encrypted (via HTTPS)
ANSWER: That's an our core principal, which makes us different from our competitors - open development. You're able to vote for the features, and publicly discuss with developer team the desired and upcoming updates. We share with our customers the information - which features are in progress and so on!